Persephone Pomegranate

My Zines


Dissension is largely a feminist zine though I also cover other topics that I deal with such as veganism, mental health and atheism.

Issue 3 will be out later this year (2010)

Issue 2: Body Image – Half Page Format – 22 pages – Out of Print
In this issue: Body Hair; Riot Grrl’s Effect on my Body Image; Eating Disorders; Menstruation and Shame; Body Acceptance Art – The Original Women Series; Veganism and Body Image; The Human Variation Project

Issue 1: Dissension – Half Page Format – 18 pages – Out of Print
In this issue: An introduction to me and the zine; A feminist’s view of pornography; Panic attacks – A walkthrough; Anti-feminist bingo; Art – Line Art, Bee Society, Geishas, Art and Meaning; The connection between veganism, feminism, environmentalism, and anarchy

Reclusive Obscenities

Reclusive Obscenities is a perzine where I write about my personal experiences, living with GAD and being a geek gurrl.

Issue 1 is in progress as of 02/13/10 and will be available to order/trade soon.

  1. […] I won’t go into the actual abortion experience here. I’m currently working on a new zine which covers the entire process which I’m hoping to have finished sometime next […]

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