Persephone Pomegranate


In Zine Reviews on March 29, 2010 at 5:00 pm

I recently had the pleasure of reading the first two issues of Journeyman by Lee Osborne. If you enjoy reading the journals of free spirited travelers, then you will love Journeyman. As someone who would love to travel more but has an illness that makes it difficult and intensely less fun, I love being able to live vicariously through Lee’s adventures. He also does Geocaching along the way which sounds like so much fun!

While the travel stories are my favorites, I should note that there are other little fun additions scattered throughout each zine. Things like recipes, poetry, and info on photography. All in all, these are really fun reads and I’m looking forward to issue 3!

My only problem with the zines is also great advice for other zinesters. Some of the stories are in type so small I wasn’t able to finish them. Just like if you hand write your zines you should make sure you have legible handwriting, if you type your zines try to make sure it’s at an easily readable size. Although the aesthetic of zines is important, I would argue that the readability is just as important, if not more so.*

*Unless it’s an art zine where the legibility of the words is unimportant.


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