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Demystifying Abortion

In Activism on February 25, 2010 at 8:24 am

This past week Angie the Anti-Theist has been live tweeting her chemical abortion. Her purpose for doing this is to demystify abortion and get more women talking openly about their abortions.

I think this is a great idea letting women know that there’s nothing scary or shaming about having an abortion. It’s something normal women do every day.

One thing that I was very pleased to see is that another woman is now taking over the reigns of the #livetweetingabortion hash tag. The woman behind the Next Thursday account is on her way to the clinic as I type this and she will be live tweeting her experience over the next few days.

My hope in this is that more women will take over and create an ongoing chain of women being open and honest about their experiences with abortion.

I’m wrapping up my new zine covering my abortion last month and hope to have it available soon. Any pro-choicers who have twitter accounts and want to follow what’s going on, go to #livetweetingabortion

  1. Check out It is a place for women to share their abortion experience, reducing stigma and shame. Share your story so others may find comfort 😉

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