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Catherine Elms – Not Sorry

In Music Reviews on February 20, 2010 at 11:00 am

Catherine Elms is a singer/songwriter & pianist who’s music has a very dreamy and surreal feel, emotionally poetic lyrics and hard-rock & punk beats.

She lists her influences as Tori Amos, Emilie Autumn, Amanda Palmer, St. Vincent, & Alanis Morissette all of which are apparent in her music, though she still does a great job of maintaining a very unique sound.

“I try to push boundaries and create unique, honest music that resonates with people.”
~Catherine Elms

Her first EP, Not Sorry, is available now. Below are my thoughts on a few of my favorites from the album.

Powerless is lyrical poetry at it’s best. I love the way that the music along with her tone feels extremely light and airy with is a huge contrast to the powerful & heavy lyrics, possibly representing the contrast between what she wants and reality.

Pushing is an energetic and angry song that will make you want to turn the volume up. The lyrics and the tone she uses perfectly match the intense pounding on the piano which allows you to really feel her frustration.

Drowning is a dark and hard hitting song with some kick ass feminist lyrics. This is the only track on the album that doesn’t seem to feature the piano, instead focusing on what seems to be more of an experimental sound.


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