Persephone Pomegranate

Carpe Noctem Issues 1-4

In Zine Reviews on February 19, 2010 at 3:09 am

Carpe Noctem is a zine all about dreams written and illustrated by Apocalypse Girl. The description directly from the first zine is…

Carpe Noctem focuses on what dreams are most known for: their wacky, fantastical and sometimes terrifying nature. Each issue showcases a couple of dreams copied straight from my dream journals, splashed with illustrations. You’ll also find interesting dream facts and trivia, book reviews and personal musings.

Aside from the beautiful art gracing all of the covers, each issue starts with a “Did You Know” section which contains some really interesting facts about dreams and the process of dreaming. This is generally followed by a book review or article on dream interpretation.

Then comes the really intriguing part, the actual dreams. Apocalypse Girl does have some very interesting dreams and her way of writing them makes it feel like I’m reading mythology or a folk tale.

All for issues are available to read for free via PDF on the Adventures in Living blog.

Whether you actually believe in dream interpretation or not, the zine is a great read.


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